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Crowd sings “Recognize” with Party and Drake #Montreal

Title: How About Now
Artist: Drake
Played: 167200 times


you ain’t really fuck with me way back then girl how bout now? 

Anonymous: what's up with jhene n mila? why they're never at each other's album events and stuff?

Lol! Nothing is up with Jhené & Mila. They are both two busy women that work in the music industry so it’s very hard for their time off & events to sync in with each other. They’re sisters before anything so the support is always there between them. Just because it isn’t publicly doesn’t mean there’s an issue. It’s just different with them :)


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Congrats to Jhené for being nominated for this year’s, ‘14, Soul Train Awards’ Best New Artist, Best R&B/Soul Female Artist, Video of the Year & The Ashford and Simpson Songwriter’s Award & Drake for his nominations for Best Hip-Hop Song of the Year, Best Album of the Year & Song of the Year!

Anonymous: link to vote?

Click here. :)

Congrats to Jhené for being nominated in the Soul/R&B category for this year’s, ‘14, AMAs’ Favorite Female Artist & Drake for his nominations in the Rap/Hip-Hop category for Favorite Artist & Favorite Album!

You know how I get when I’m lonely. I think about you and the moments. But everything you do, is so Oakland, so Oakland.