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Since Drake’s birthday is 24 days away, let’s count it down with a challenge! Use hashtag #24daysofdrake to participate! Welcome to Oct(OVO)ber.

Anonymous: Yessssss at drake going home to work on the new album . I'm so exicted ! :D

!!!!! I’m so ready for another classic. :)

Title: Pretty Bird (Freestyle) [feat. Common]
Artist: Jhené Aiko
Played: 11280 times

"Pretty Bird (Freestyle) [feat. Common]" - Purchase Jhené Aiko’s debut album “Souled Out

@thefader: .@jheneaiko sounding so good at @vitaminwater #uncapped PHL right now” 

Anonymous: Did jhene get married?! She changed her last name and I saw her talking with her sis and aunt on twitter about it being her "last day as a chilombo"??? I'm excited 😊

I haven’t been on Twitter that much lately but with what you’re saying, it’s possible that she is. :) I’m so happy for Aiko if it’s true. She deserves all the happiness & love. :)

Anonymous: does jhene smoke on stage?

Not very often.. Like, once in blue moon you’ll actually see her do it. She usually brings incense with her while she’s performing which produces the little smoke around her when she’s on stage singing most of the time. :)