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@jheneaiko: “Lanikai was nice …. turquoise seas and ocean breezes …. “

Anonymous: omg did you see that Drake posted a screenshot of the gif of him smoking you made of him on his instagram? :D

I just saw, lol. Thanks for telling me, love. :)

What is it about you? That, makes you so easy to collaborate with?

Title: DnF (feat. Drake & Future)
Artist: P. Reign
Played: 3996 times

p. reign ft. drake & future - dnf

drizzyornah: hey! can you please link me to this video? thank you so much :D chilombograham(.)tumblr(.)com/post/95935423928

Of course I can, love. Click here. :)

Anonymous: Hey i absolutely love your blog btw! I have three questions. 1. Where do you get most of your Jhene Aiko pictures (especially the ones from her listening party for souled out) 2. When is Drake dropping his new album? 3. Which song off of Jhene's new album are you most excited to hear? thank you. : )

Aww! Thank you, my love. :)

1. I mostly get pictures of Aiko from Getty Images & Zimbo if they’re professional but for the fan pictures, I most likely get them from Instagram or Twitter. :) (The pictures I posted from the Souled Out listening party were a mixture of Instagram photos & photos from Def Jam’s website.)

2. In an interview he did with Billboard, Drake said that his new album will be dropping next year ('15) for sure. He isn’t recorded anything for it since he’s currently on tour with Wayne but he voiced out before that as soon as the tour is over, he’ll head back home to Toronto & start working on it.

3. I’m really excited to hear Brave (I re-blogged a snippet of it earlier… Ah-may-zinggggg!!!!) & Promises with Nami & Miyagi. I have a feeling those two are going to be my favorites. :)

Title: Brave
Artist: Jhené Aiko
Played: 4782 times

"Brave" : SNIPPET

Anonymous: do you think jhene will have album listening parties in other states like ny? I know she had one last night in la but I hope she has another one

If she does have another one, I can definitely see her having it in NY. But we’ll have to wait & see. :)