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Anonymous: i know this is random as hell but a come thru recorded version with Jhené is needed. i get so much life from watching those vidoes of them performing it :]

Yassss!! That would be perfect!! & those performances give me life too. WYLAT was differently one for the books. :)

As a person you’re suppose to change change is growth. I feel that it’s a natural thing to reinvent yourself, you just have to be your number one… supporter  — Jhené Aiko

Anonymous: boo do you know if Drake is still in la ?

I don’t know, love. He could be or he could be back in Toronto. He’s been pretty low key after the ESPYs.

Anonymous: Omg I can't stop watching that acoustic video jhene uploaded on YouTube yesterday. She sounds so fucking amazing. I don't understand how people say she doesn't sound good live. Her voice is prefect!

Me either!!! Lol! She’s such an angel. I get chills every time I hear her sing. & those people obviously don’t know true unique talent. & it’s ok. Jhené is not for the fainted ear but for the ear that’s appreciates raw skill. :)

@jheneaikojust jhené & jeff :)”

A video of Jhené vibing out to To Love & Die, Stay Ready & The Worst.

Title: The Pressure
Artist: Jhené Aiko
Played: 12968 times

Rest In Peace to Kennedy. #drakeforken

August Alsina picks Jhené Aiko to marry” on Power 106 FM’s THE LIFT OFF; F***, Marry or Kill.